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Thursday, November 3, 2011

#88- Verdicchio

Who cares if it's a Thursday night! As far as I'm concerned, it's always wine o'clock!

Sometimes you feel like you just need a glass of wine and this past Thursday (a week ago Thursday by the time this blog is actually published), I just needed a glass, or three. We're having a great month at my place of work. I work at a progressive and youthful media company and we like to tackle all sorts of projects from cartoon and 3D animation to video production, web design and development and everything in between. I of course harbour none of these talents. I write scripts, web content and manage many of the projects. In case you're interested, check out Avatar Media's website to see what I mean. We love all the projects we're tackling and busy is good. But busy can make you tired when you get home and put up your feet.

So I needed a wine to go with the very inexpensive, lazy and cheap dish I was making. I wasn't too hungry but knew I couldn't drink on an empty stomach. I had done that the night before and drank 6 wines at my wine class. Enough to know that food is always a friend to wine.

My pasta dish was from a package- herbed pasta to be exact. It took me 30 minutes to make start to finish and that includes the 10 minutes it took to boil the water and the 8 minutes I let it stand to thicken. If the saying is true- the way to a man's heart is through his stomach-- I have now identified my problem!

30 minutes of a chilled white wine is plenty. I grabbed one of the white wines I have left to try. I grabbed a 2009  Villa Bucci Classico wine from Italy. The wine is exported by Empson.

It is an oaked wine and 100% Verdicchio grapes. Now I'm not huge fan of oaked whites but this one is okay. I'm not a huge fan of this wine but I'm not dissing it either. Compared to the other wines I've had of late, this one is just a tad boring. I don't find it particularly aromatic and the flavours are hard to pick out, even the oak.  It says to pair with cheese. Well I had cheesy pasta- does that count?

Yeah, I can't say much about this wine. I am sipping it right now as I write and I'm left disappointed. I can barely discern much at all. I do not hold the same opinion of many people as a quick google of the wine will find you rave reviews and 90+ ratings of the wine. It just goes to show that wine drinking truly is a personal experience and preferences certainly do play into how you rate the wine.

The Verdicchio grape is grown in the Marche region of Italy. There is lots of information on this grape as it's a very popular grape to grow. Ah well, you can't like them all.

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