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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recapping wines 1 through 20

I thought I'd take this opportunity to do recap of the first 20 wines my brother and I have tasted. It also gives you a quick cheat sheet of the wines so far if you'd like to try this at home (yes, I said try this at home). I give you the grape varietal, whether it's red or white, the name of the winery, the country and of course my rating (a very simple one- like, dislike or neutral).

Like: 14
Dislike: 4
Neutral: 2

Red: 9
White: 11

Countries: Argentina, Spain, Germany, Canada, United States, Hungary, Portugal, France, Chile, Australia, Italy, Austria and South Africa

1. Chardonnay (White) DISLIKE
Catena Winery, Argentina

2. Grenache (Red) LIKE
Las Rocas Winery, Spain

3. Riesling (White) LIKE
Deinhard Piesporter Goldtropfchen Winery, Germany

4. Gamay (Red) LIKE
Hillside Estate, Canada

5. Merlot (Red) LIKE
Barefoot Winery, United States

6. Furmint (White) DISLIKE
Tokaji Region Winery, Hungary

7. Arinto (White) LIKE
Prova Regia Winery, Portugal

8. Mourvedre (Red) LIKE
Altos De La Hoya, Bodegas Olivares Winery, Spain

9. Gewurztraminer (White) LIKE
Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Canada

10. Viognier (White) LIKE
Domaine de Mont Auriol Winery, France

11. Malbec (Red) DISLIKE
LoTengo, Botego Norton, Argentina

12. Carmenere (Red) NEUTRAL
Vina Chocolan Winery, Chile

13. Muscat Blanc (White) LIKE
Bonterra Vineyards, United States

14. Cabernet Sauvignon (Red) LIKE
Jim Barry Cover Drive Winery, Australia

15. Trebbiano D’Abruzzo (White)LIKE
Citra Winery, Italy

16. Vermentino (White) NEUTRAL
Poggio Tufo Winery, Italy

17. Gruner Veltliner (White) LIKE
Kurt Angerer Winery, Austria

18. Zweigelt (Red) LIKE
Pleil Winery, Austria

19. Fiano (White) DISLIKE
Mandra Rossa Winery, Italy

20. Tinta Bacocca (Red) LIKE
Allesverloren Winery, South Africa

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