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Friday, September 3, 2010

#25- Muscat of Alexandria

This wine, as inappropriate as it is to dedicate to a four year old, is for Owen! It was his birthday party after all and we ate Spiderman cake! And while he ran around with his buddies, wearing a the helmet yours truly gave him to go with the yellow quad his parents gave him, the adults drank wine! And the special adults (yup, I'm special) had the most amazing dessert wine to go with the red and blue cake.

The wine we tried this week was part of the group of wines my sister Kristin brought home from the States as I can't find it anywhere in Alberta. The grape is the Muscat of Alexandria grape and the wine we tried is the Coppo Moncalvina Moscato D'Asti from Italy. With only a 5% alcohol content, you're not going to get drunk anytime soon on this wine. We had small portions to go with the cake as a dessert wine is more of a sipping wine than anything because it's so sweet. And this wine did not disappoint at all! It was delicious and the most disappointing part of it all was the bottle was only 375ml (half of the usual 750ml) so our wine did not go very far between five of us.

You could definitely taste the pear in this wine, a fruit I really like. I would definitely recommend this wine (if you can find it) to anyone looking for a nice dessert wine. The next time you're in the States, pick up a bottle or two for sure!

Craig and I have a busy long weekend ahead of us as we're heading out to the Rocky Mountains to do some more hiking in preparation for my trip to Nepal. I have brought five wines with me for us to try over three days so we'll see how we do!

The next wine on our list is the Chenin Blanc. 

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