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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#28- Bonarda

What is it with great wineries not having a website? In 2010, that's just not acceptable. How else am I supposed to learn more about your product, your winery, your grape? Okay, enough ranting. On to the grape! And to continue the story on our weekend in British Columbia.

After a great afternoon of hiking, Craig and I returned to the campsite to relax a bit and enjoy a nice relaxing evening. It wasn't raining so we were able to hang out by the fire and chat. It's nice for siblings to hang out and catch up on what's what.

After a long day of driving and then hiking 14km, we weren't exactly in the mood for cooking and luckily our loving mother had prepared Hunter Stew for us so all we had to do was reheat the dinner. While it may not be the most appetizing dinner to look at, it sure is delicious over an open fire! Craig and I had heaping servings and cracked open our first bottle of red to go with it.

The wine chosen was El Escondido  Don Domenico, an Argentinian Red Wine. The grape is the Bonarda grape. do I describe this wine. Three words: damn good wine! Wow! I was pleasantly surprised about this wine. I was so not expecting to enjoy the wine as much as I did. It is known as "Sweet Black" and the wine is very very dark, almost black in colour. It is not acidic at all and is sweet tasting. You could definitely taste the fruit, whether it was strawberry or raspberry I'm not sure. It did have an okay taste to it but it was ever so slight as I don't like anything too oaky. This was a wine that craved to be drunk in massive quantities. Too bad we couldn't. Both Craig and I knew we had to keep some for the family to try.

As a side note, Kristin and Sharon (my other brother's girlfriend who just recently moved back to Alberta...okay too many details but just in case you're wondering who she is, now you know) and the both enjoyed it. Kristin raved about it and will definitely be buying a bottle or two. Luckily for her the wine purchase was made at Crown Liquor in Spruce Grove. It wasn't a cheap bottle, at $25.99 this was one of the more expensive purchases I'd made for my wine, but so worth it.

I'm not sure if it's the wine or the fresh air or the exercise, but I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to spend my evening! I think I'll do it again tomorrow. The next wine up is the Albarino grape.

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