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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recapping wines 41-60

I can’t believe we have tried over 60 different grapes so far! I tell you, this is the best damn hobby I’ve done so far. It is getting a little harder to find more and more unique grapes and the quality is often hit and miss (but when it hits, it really hits).  Take a look at what the last couple of months has entailed for us: I give you the grape varietal, whether it's red or white, the name of the winery, the country and of course my rating (a very simple one- like, dislike or neutral).

Like: 13
Dislike: 5
Neutral: 2

White: 10

Countries: Argentina, Italy, Greece, United States, Australia, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, France, Canada, Croatia  and Hungary

41. Torrontes (White) NEUTRAL
Bordegas Escorihuela, Argentina

42. Prosecco (White) LIKE
Martini, Italy

43. Xynomavro (Red) LIKE
Boutari Winery, Greece

44. Malvasia (White) DISLIKE
Birichino Amici Winery, United States

45. Nero D’Avola (Red) LIKE
Spadina Una Rosa, Italy

46. Savatiano (White) DISLIKE
Fragou Winery, Greece

47. Chambourcin (Red) DISLIKE
Yarraman Estate, Australia

48. Tannat (Red) LIKE
Pisano Winery, Uruguay

49. Pinot Grigio (White) LIKE
Middle Sister Winery, United States

50. Alicante Bouschet (Red) LIKE
Grand D’Arte Winery, Portugal

51. Assyrtiko (White) DISLIKE
Boutari Santorini, Greece

52. Plavic Mali (Red) DISLIKE
Dalmacijavino Peljsac, Croatia

53. Lambrusco (Red) LIKE
Riunite, Italy

54. Macabeo (Viura) (White) NEUTRAL
Castillo de Manseran, Spain

55. Chasselas (White) LIKE
St. Hubertus Estate Winery, Canada

56. Negroamaro (Red) LIKE
Giorgio & Gianni, Italy

57. Semillion (White) LIKE
Lancatay Huarpe, Argentina

58. Touriga Nacional (Red) LIKE
Alianca Winery, Portugal

59. Aligote (White) LIKE
Maison Jaffelin, France

60. Blaufrankisch (Kekrankos) (Red) LIKE
J & J Eger, Hungary

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