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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#62- Baga

I have to admit something- it's been a few weeks since I tasted this wine and I didn't take great notes- so much so I can't even tell you what I ate with the wine. But I do remember one thing, I had no issue drinking it and I remember thinking that I liked the wine. Beyond that, not much.

The winery is Luis Pato in Portugal and the wine is their red label Baga wine. It has a distinct flavour to the wine, with chocolate undertones (and what girl doesn't like that?) It is also a great cellar wine as the wine is good for a decade or so.

Not much is written on the Baga grape but it is quite acidic and therefore quite tannic.

This is a terrible entry as I have nothing really more to say, I can't even describe how it went with the food or have pics to share. I'm guessing I'll give this wine another try so I can do a proper review. In the meantime, the blog stands as is and as far as I remember, I liked the wine! Have another one Erin....

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