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Sunday, March 27, 2011

#63- Greco

Sometimes when you live alone, dinner is dictated by what you have lying in the freezer. I haven't gone grocery shopping in quite some time so I hit the freezer and pulled out- bacon!

Yup, bacon dictated this dinner. Luckily I had some pancake mix in the cupboard so out came the best breakfast dinner I've had in a while. Who says you can't bacon and pancakes for breakfast? If you can do it for Mardi Gras, I figure you can do it at any time.

Anyway, the bacon and pancakes were absolutely delicious and actually went quite well with the white wine for the evening- the Greco wine. The winery is Feudi di San Gregorio winery in Italy. Yup, Italians do make white wines and not just for cooking with!

Greco di Tufo is the most noble grape of the white varieties (I'm quoting the website here, Greco isn't exactly known as a noble grape) and is one of the grapes to grow double clusters.  Their Greco wine is quite spicy and it more acidic on the tongue than typical Greco based wines. They describe their wine as having notes of balsamic and while I wouldn't desribe it as such, I do remember it leaving me with quite the pucker! I did enjoy this wine a lot. Very aromatic with hints of fruit- I thought it balanced nicely witht he pancakes and the fatty bacon!!

The Greco grape is thought to have Greek origins but for the most part, it is widely considered to be an Italian wine. Along with the Greco (white), there is a Greco Noir grape which I hope to try as soon as I find it!
While it wasn't a wine that stood out as exceptional and a definite go and buy- I will say that I did like it.


  1. Hi, we are happy to see that you choose our Greco di Tufo! Do you know our red wines? Let's stay connected on're waiting for your opinions!
    Feudi di San Gregorio Team

  2. Thnanks Novella,
    We will definitely be trying out your reds in the future! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.