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Thursday, June 10, 2010

#13- Muscat Blanc

Also known as Muscat to most of us who have drank this sweet dessert wine. And boy did this bottle of Muscat not disappoint. This wine- an organic winery from Bonterra Vineyards in California, US comes in a 375ml bottle. It cost approximately $17 to purchase so not a bad price point for a dessert wine. And could I just say that I love their website- it just makes you want to head back into wine country all over again! (okay, but I have to admit, I do hate that they make you enter your age to enter the site, it's not like it's porn or anything, a little over the top trying to be responsible I think).

Anyway, getting back to the wine. This is a delicious bottle and would recommend you go and try it. I was first introduced to the Muscat wine last summer on a tour of the Napa Valley. Not on the tasting list, we were lucky enough to be beside a young couple from San Diego (and wow, was he a beautiful beautiful man...I'm so digressing on this...) who asked to taste the Muscat. We just mosied are way into the tasting!

We tasted this wine the same night we tried a carmenere (wine #12). We paired this wine with pecan pie (I think, the memory is hazy here- does it look like pecan pie?) and the tartness of the dessert paired beautifully with the sweetness of the wine. You could really pull out the citrus taste (orange and lemon) from the wine and it was very aromatic. Delicious to drink and smell!

I did notice the wine left a very fulfilling taste in my mouth. Some describe it as 'grapey' but I'm not sure if that justifies it. Some wines leave your mouth never to be tasted again. But this wine lingered, a seconds reminder of the deliciousness that had just invaded your mouth.

Because it's a dessert wine, a small glass is sufficient. Though I will admit I could have drank the whole bottle myself. A dessert wine that satisfied the senses indeed!

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