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Monday, June 21, 2010

#15- Bombino Bianco (Trebbiano D'Abruzzo)

Living in Edmonton, you learn to appreciate the very short summers we had here. This past weekend was a beautiful weekend, with temperatures in the mid to late twenties, perfect weather for a nice crisp white wine. I picked up two bottles of white wine at Liquor On McLeod in Spruce Grove prepared to drink my weekend away in the bright shining sun!

Craig picked the first wine to drink with our mish mash of a dinner on Saturday. A combination of coleslaw, chicken fingers, Spanish rice and Italian bread, Craig chose the Trebbiano D'Abruzzo wine (the label said it went well with white meat). It is also known as Bombino Bianco and not much is available on the grape itself. The Vermentino would just have to wait until tomorrow. While the dinner wasn't a typical Stevenson feast, the meal would do just fine. Besides, it was the weather we were enjoying, not necessarily the food.
A light coloured wine, the Trebbiano D'Abruzzo is from the Citra Winery in Abruzzi (hence the name) was purchased for about $17. This bottle of wine was also a screw top, a trend I've noticed more and more. I know years ago there was a rumour the world was running out of cork (since been debunked) but I do wonder why we are moving away from corks versus the screw top. Is it about aaccessibility? Being able to take it on picnics and not worrying about a corkscrew? It is because it is more mainstream now to drink wine? Did this happen to beer bottles and the bottle cap? I digress...

This bottle (which by the way was a one litre bottle and not the customary 750ml), was a hit! We all commented on how smooth the wine went down. It didn't leave an aftertaste and was very very easy to drink. A sweeter wine, this complimented the chicken very nicely. We all agreed that this wine was definitely a good pick for a hot summer's day. There was no aftertaste as the wine is quite dry and it didn't linger long in your mouth. No bad aftertaste!! With hints of citrus, the wine was just perfect.

If you're not looking to do your regular wines like a Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay but want a wine that is easy enough to find, then the Trebbiano is the way to go. The next wine to try, as mentioned earlier, is a little harder to find, the Vermentino grape!

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