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Thursday, June 24, 2010

#16- Vermentino

I need to taste another Vermentino. Not because I loved this one, but because I didn't love this one. Oh Italy, while the Trebbiano D'Abruzzo was a roaring success, your Vermentino has left me a tad disappointed.The best thing about this wine unfortunately was the the picture I took (nice no?)

Now, it's possible I didn't buy the best bottle of wine. It was on sale for $11.85 so how much could I really expect from a cheap bottle of wine? (which by the way, after my travels in Europe, would be an expensive bottle of wine. I did learn that wine is cheaper than water in many places in Europe). But here, anything under $20 and the label doesn't say Boone's is cheap!

Also bought at Liquor on McLeod in Spruce Grove, and purchased at the same time as the Trebbiano, this was my white Italian wine weekend! i can't find much information yet on the Poggio Turri winery but I'll keep looking.

At my parents house for Father's Day, it was a beautiful and hot Alberta summer (summer's eve really with it being June 20). Craig was in charge of making dinner which of course, was barbeque!!! The dinner consisted of fantastic Alberta AAA beef, baked potato and side salad. Now usually you do drink red wine with with red meat but the thought of drinking a red wine instead of a nice crisp white wine outside on this beautiful day just wasn't sitting well with me. So breaking the rule, white it was! The dinner was great, however the wine left us wanting more- and by that I mean another wine.

Craig and I agreed, this wine left no impact on us. It was just there, something to be drunk but not enjoyed. A very light coloured wine, it was light on taste. It was dry but I found it to be lacking anything distinct. Usually Vermentino's are quite aromatic but this one just didn't give me anything. Craig and I sat there for a good while trying to pull any flavour out of this wine but just couldn't. This grape variety is becoming increadingly popular and apparently really good Vermentino's do exist. So the hunt is now on for a good bottle of white. Let me know if you've had one and I'll be sure to try it out.

I have no idea what wine #17 will be. It will all be very weather dependent (if it's nice, I'm going with white) and here's to hoping I don't taste another red until fall!

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