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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

#34- Petite Sirah

Maybe it was the high he was on. Or maybe he just didn't like it. Craig gives a thumbs down to the Petite Sirah. You can't win em all.

And it's unfair to say this was a losing wine. Instead we have a split decision. Kristin and Erin give it a thumbs up while mom and Craig give it a thumbs down. Take a chance and make your own decision for sure.

Our parents had the kids over for a nice roast beef dinner, gravy, side vegetables and desserts of turtle cheesecake and lemon meringue pie. The point of this dinner was to draw names for Christmas. Our family is growing bigger every year (case in point: two new little additions in May and a new sister in law Sharon so that's three more than last year). Instead of each of us buying little Christmas gifts for everyone, we draw names and only buy a larger gift for that one person. Of course the little ones still get gifts from each of us.

Guess who I drew?

Back to the task, the review of the wine. The wine is an Australian wine and the winery is De Bortoli. The grape is a 2008 Petite Sirah. The Petite Sirah is also known as the Durif grape. The wine is very spicy and has a very rich undertone to it. It reminded me of a Malbec (and Kristin and I are fans of most Malbecs, so maybe it's why we liked the wine). It is so spicy actually that I can taste the pepper in the wine after it's gone down. The wine pairs well with meats and I thought it was an excellent companion to the roast beef and gravy. It also goes very well with cheddar cheese (that's what I'm doing right now, drinking the last glass of it and eating a block of cheese. A small small block in case you're worried I've developed an odd habit).

And while I would like to put this wine in the win column, I can't absolutely. It's a wine I like, but I don't know if I'd actually go out and buy it again. With so many good Malbecs out there, I think I'd rather take my chances on that. It has just too much spicy kick to it and I like my wine, but I don't want to taste lingering in my mouth for very long at all. Like I said, you can't win em all.

If I attempt to drink two wines a week til the end of the year, I will actually have caught up with getting this blog back on track for its supposed weekly basis. I have 10 wines in my cabinet waiting to go; 8 more to find. Wish me luck!

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