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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Heart Full of Wine- London

So my devoted readers, all twelve of you- as you know I just recently got back from Europe where I was able to indulge in the sport of wine drinking. Needless to say, I think I placed top three for sure. There is just such an abundance of wine everywhere that I forgot to take notes and pictures half the time! I'm such a sorry blogger.

But luckily I did capture a lot of the highlights and I'm going to share them with you. At first I was going to do all of them in one blog but I've started to write about London and realize that each country deserves a blog entry all its own. So I start with the first stop (and the starting city of our tour) London, England.

 A friend of mine recommended I visit Gordon's Wine Bar on Villier's Street. It is the oldest wine bar in London, having been established in 1890. Man this place was cool. Karyn and I had left this to our last day on the trip and it was a great way to celebrate our amazing week in London. The place is beyond description. When you walk into the place, you immediately head down into the basement (and question yourself the whole way down this narrow staircase). But upon arriving at the bottom, the most amazing surprise awaits you! It is a full service restaurant set in the old cellars of a very old city. It's breathtaking.

The tables are mismatched, wine bottles act as candle holders, drops of water fall on your head from the cellar ceiling, light is kept so low you can barely see in front of you, it's crowded and it's perfect. A buffet is offered to those who wish to match food with their wine. We chose to simply drink the wine. Karyn loves rose so I chose (and went on the establishment recommendation) of the Clos Clementine. Delicious.

 Maybe it's the setting (and if you are a true romantic at heart, this is your place) but the cool crisp taste of this wine was just perfect on our lips.

 The highlight of my trip was seeing Les Miserables on the London stage but I can honestly say that this came in very very close. You can't get much better than second! I can't wait to go back and spend an evening at Gordon's Wine Bar once again. A truly remarkable and memorable experience.

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