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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ich bin ein wine drinker- St. Goar

My tour of Europe included 10 countries. Lots of wine was drunk in the making of this vacation. And there was also some beer. Germany, oh Germany. How I love thee. I'm glad I can speak German. Okay, scratch that. I'm glad I took five years of German and have retained enough to be able to order ice cream and beer.

My first night in Germany was in Munich and the only thing I did was drink 1 litre beers in tents at the biggest party in the world- Oktoberfest. If you've never been, and even if you don't drink beer, go at least once in your life. It is a sight to behold.

Our second night in Germany was in a smaller village further south as we headed into Austria, a place called St. Goar. Now I've written about this place already because I reviewed the Pinot Noir that I picked up from this place. So I won't repeat it again (please read post #32- pinot noir).

But I want to post pictures so I have to write something. It was cool tasting wine out of shot glasses. I recommend this method if you're doing a wine tasting (perfect sample size) and it just makes the whole thing a party.

I bought three wines, have already had one, was supposed to have drunk the Riesling already and am saving the icewine for a special occasion. Ice wines are delicious if you've never tried one.

Canada does excellent ones. They're pretty expensive so sample the wine first before you shell out some big dough. I bought this ice wine for 26 Euro when it sells for 80 Euro. A good deal I'd say. Now I just need a reason to drink it. Anyone have ideas for me?

I really enjoy German wines. Apparently Europeans don't like their wines (and while I don't think all Europeans are like this) I do think that many of them cannot get beyond thinking that any other country other than France and Italy is capable of making a decent wine. As Canadians, we're more open to trying wines as the majority of our wines are imported. I am now officially done giving my opinion on European wine drinkers. I like German wine- that's what matters!

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