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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#39- Sauvignon Blanc

It took all the power in the world for me NOT to finish this bottle of wine! If you want a winner- go out right now and pick yourself up a Kim Crawfold Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is damn delicious and you'll have a very hard time picking out anything you don't like about this wine.

In fact, this wine inspires me so much I'm tempted to book a ticket to New Zealand right now and enjoy a winery tour of this place! Wow. Okay, so you get that I love this wine. I love the crispness of it as it envelopes my mouth with its delicious flavours. The citrus flavours slap your tongue with piercing flavours, so well blended you are immediately transported to a warm climate with views of a never ending sand beach and waves gently rolling in to welcome you to the southern part of the world. Believe me, when it's -30 outside, this is easy enough to do.

So you get that I am a fan of this Sauvignon Blanc, but is Craig? Wait for it, wait for it. The answer is yes! Craig pulled pineapple flavours and while he's close, he's probably actually tasting gooseberry and passionfruit! Now there a combination you don't often fine but oh my, does it ever work here.

Kim Crawford Winery has certainly set the bar if not set the standard for an excellent white wine. This winery has consistently put out a Sauvignon Blanc with rave reviews (even from Parker in the +90 points range for the last 8 years).

The Sauvignon Blanc grape is so versatile and can take on a range of flavours. Its crisp and light on the palette and just a delicious wine to have on its own or with food like seafood or chicken.

Which is what I made myself for dinner. I'm always disappointed that I can't really capture the food well. It doesn't look appearling, but the chicken stirfry (with wild rice, green beans, peppers and red onions) was absolutely delicious and I found paired absolutely beautifully with the wine.

The Winery itself isn't very old and I tried to research to see if it was named after a Kim Crawford but I didn't find anything one way or another. If you do find any info about this winery out, do let me know. If I go to New Zealand (on the bucket list), I will definitely put this on my list of wineries to visit! Those sheep are so damn lucky...

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