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Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Wine Amore!

I have been delayed getting this post up, mostly because I've been lazy to write it. But it's time people, it's time. One of the countries I visited on my European vacation was Italy. I had three stops in Italy- Venice, Rome and Florence. Rome, I doubt I'll visit again but Florence and Venice are both cities I would like to go back and explore some more.

My wine experiences in Italy were good. Very good. So good in fact that on most nights I forgot to even write down what wine I was drinking!  But I'll give you some highlights.

I also realize that there isn't much to learn from this posting other than the wine in Italy is plentiful and is almost always good. They often don't tell you the names of the wines- it's just simply a house red or a house wine so if I had been better prepared, I should have researched what the indigenous grape was to region and I could've figured it out. So, I don't offer much in terms of actual wine pickings other than I 

In Venice, we did the famous gondola ride (no singing however, we were told they only do that in Hollywood [or Vegas I supposed]). But we did buy three bottles of sparkling wine, Italy's answer to France's champagne- prosecco! Between six of us, that was half a bottle each. For safety (we think anyway), we had to drink out of plastic cups as you can see in the picture, Karyn is holding her glass of prosecco.

We felt good. We had all the bottles finished within the half hour. It was an enjoyable ride and some of us were a little tipsy I have to say. I have since had prosecco a few times (love it) and I have a bottle ready and waiting for review. We're having it for Kristin's birthday next week.

Also in Venice, we went to this very charming little restaurant whose name escapes me (I'll ask my tour groupies and fill this in later) for a 7 course meal. Yes- seven courses! It was nuts. We had so pastas I started to lose count. But with good pasta comes good wine! The table wine was a Vinoda Tavola and came in both red and white. I do know our table (all Canadian women and an honourary Canadian Irene from California) managed to polish off a few bottles. The accordian player wasn't so bad either!

We also drank a lot of wine at the restaurant we went to in Rome (I really need to remember to write down restaurant names, I write down everything else!). This was only (ha- only) a three course meal but again, the wine was never ending and delicious.  Two of the wines we had here were Falamus Catello Romani and Tavola Rosso (a red and white)

Not to be outdone was the Tuscan dinner in a former monastery when we arrived in Florence! Oh we had so much fun. Along with a ton of dancing, food (see the delicious assortment of pasta on my plate!) singing and piano playing, the meal was also very delicious. While only 5 courses, it was still amazing and so was the wine that was never ending! (as long as you drank, they brought out more).

I can't wait to go back to Italy and try more wines. I had already picked up three bottles in Germany and over the limit for what I could bring back into Canada so I was S.O.L for bringing any Italian wines back. But I definitely will on the next trip. And if you find yourself over there, feel free to bring me back a bottle!

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