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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recapping wines 21 - 40

So we're now 40 wines in and on our way to finishing the required 52 by year's end. At the end of 40 grapes, we are liking more than we're disliking so our overall satisfaction rating is: pretty darn satisfied! I give you the grape varietal, whether it's red or white, the name of the winery, the country and of course my rating (a very simple one- like, dislike or neutral).

Like: 15
Dislike: 1
Neutral: 4

White: 9

Countries: Australia, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Argentina, Germany, Canada, New Zealand

21. Petit Verdot (Red) LIKE
Deen de Bortolo Vat Series Winery, Australia

22. Verdehlo (White) LIKE
Bleasdale Winery, Australia

23. Primitivo/Zinfandel (Red) LIKE
Layer Cake Winery, Italy

24. Xarel-lo (White) LIKE
Txakali de Alava Winery, Spain

25. Muscat of Alexandria (White) LIKE
Coppe Moncalvina Moscato D’Asti Winery, Italy

26. Chenin Blanc (White) LIKE
Winery of Good Hope, South Africa

27. Catarratto (White) NEUTRAL
Terri de Genestra, Italy

28. Bonarda (Red) LIKE
El Escondido Don Domenico Winery, Argentina

29. Albarino (White) LIKE
Rias Baixus Winery, Spain

30. Pinotage (Red) LIKE
Graham Beck Winery, South Africa

31. Tempranillo (Red) LIKE
Bordegas Ercavio Mas Que Vinos, Spain

32. Pinot Noir (Red) LIKE
Weingut Schloss Rheinfels, Germany

33. Kerner (White) LIKE
Gray Monk Winery, Canada

34. Petite Sirah (Red) NEUTRAL
de Bortoli Winery, Australia

35. Muller-Thurgau/Rivaner (White) LIKE
Black Tower Winery, Germany

36. Shiraz/Syrah (Red) NEUTRAL
Nugan Estate Winery, Australia

37. Nebbiolo (Red) LIKE
Bastasiolo Winery, Italy

38. Barbera (Red) NEUTRAL
Ricossa Winery, Italy

39. Sauvignon Blanc (White) LIKE
Kim Crawford Winery, New Zealand

40. Sangiovese (Red) DISLIKE
Torre del Sale (Toscana), Italy

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