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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recapping Grapes 61 - 80

I am officially 20 grapes away from 100 grapes. It's unbelievable! It's time to review grapes 61 through 80 and it goes back as far as March as I was away for quite a while there so it's good for me to recap for my own review as well.  I give you the grape varietal, whether it's red or white, the name of the winery, the country and of course my rating (a very simple one- like, dislike or neutral).

Like: 15
Dislike: 2
Neutral: 3

White: 10

Countries: France, Portugal, Italy, Canada, United States, Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Austria

61. Pinot Blanc (White) LIKE
Alsace Willm, France

62. Baga (Red) LIKE
Luis Pato, Portugal

63. Greco (White) LIKE
Feudi di San Gregorio, Italy

64. Baco Noir (Red) LIKE
Henry of Pelham, Canada

65. Montepulciano (Red) LIKE
Cantoni Talamonti, Italy

66. Concord (Red) DISLIKE
Manischewitz, United States

67. Tocai Fruilano (White) NEUTRAL
Movia Winery, Slovenia

68. Cabernet Franc (Red) LIKE
Tinhorn Creek, Canada

69. Fer (Red) LIKE
Domaine de Brau, France

70. Inzolia (White) NEUTRAL
Abbazola Danta Anastasia, Italy

71. SIlvaner (White) NEUTRAL
Dopff & Irion, France

72. Dornfelder (Red) LIKE
Dr. Zen Zen, Germany

73. Melon de Bourgogne (White) LIKE
Chateau du Coiung de St. Fiacre, France

74. Roditis (White) DISLIKE
Phtinthe Winery, Greece

75. Mencia (Red) LIKE
Peique Bierzo Tinto, Spain

76. Vilana (White) LIKE
Kreitikos Winery, Greece

77. Aglianico (Red) LIKE
Villa Matilde, Greece

78. Muscat Ottonel (White) LIKE
House of Hafner, Austria

79. Falanghina (White) LIKE
Villa Matilde, Greece

80. Dolcetto (Red) LIKE
Poderi di Luigi Einaudi, Italy

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  1. working towards your goal and posting it online inspires a lot of people like me to do better in whatever they are working towards. thanks for being so nice and caring