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Saturday, March 6, 2010

#6- Furmint

In Alberta, a Furmint wine is hard to find. You're extremely limited as to who imports it into the province and who stocks it so I was pleasantly surprised to find a Furmint wine at Glenora Liquor. Now, for a wine that is so hard to find, I wasn't sure what to expect but let's just say this- the price tag for this wine surprised the heck out of me.

I was mentally preparing myself to pay a pretty penny for this wine. Boy was I wrong. Not only was this wine affordable, it's been the cheapest bottle of wine I've bought so far for this project. It cost me a whole $10.99! I immediately thought, this wine isn't going to be that good if it's that cheap. My thinking changed from "this must be one hell of a wine that no one can afford to import it" to "maybe there's a reason no one imports this wine and it costs less than $12 with tax." Happy to have found it and overly optimistic, I was ready to try this new wine.

The bottle I purchased is Tokaji Furmint, a Hungarian white table wine. This is where I wish I could read Hungarian because I have no clue what winery this wine is actually from. Tokaji is the region in Hungary the Furmint grapes are grown. I'm sure it's somewhere on the bottle but everything I plug into Google doesn't give me the winery or winery name. Perhaps I'm supposed to know this from the crown at the top of the label? Anyway, you have the picture of it so that's the best I can do here until someone who reads Hungarian can tell me more.

We drank this wine for my my dad's birthday (he's kind enough to share Valentine's with us) which was also the crazy weekend that included the Olympics and Family Day so a busy wine drinking weekend full of red and white and family.

The meal was a good one to go with our white, a nice homemade lasagna! Okay, so it wasn't homemade at all but still, the point is there was a lot of food to go with our Furmint. What I remember most about this meal is how big my piece of lasagna was. I had every intention of only eating half of it only to have licked the plate clean. Thank goodness I exercise regularly or this weekend could have been the end of me.So back to the wine. In a word- tasteless. It didn't taste like anything at all to me. It's not memorable, there's no discernible taste that jumps out at you. It's just-- wine. I was so disappointed. All the work I'd put in to finding this darn wine and I didn't like it. Craig on the other hand, didn't mind it at all. This is supposed to be a very rich wine with a fiery taste and similar to a Chardonnay but I just didn't find anything that stood out.

I'm just not sure what more I can say other than this wine is not worth it, even for $10.99. Don't bother to drink this wine unless you're a) a lover of the Chardonnay or b) you too are trying what Craig and I are attempting. I'm really hoping our next wine is much better and more satisfying. Next week, we're trying an Arinto!

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