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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I've been commercialed!

So I'm taking a bit of a break from the blog through no fault of my own (okay, well part of it can be blamed on but not completely). Tomorrow I head out for the UK (Dundee, Scotland to be exact) for work and then a well earned trip to Eastern Europe for personal time. I'll be back April 20. So while my wine drinking won't be put on hold (hello Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary!), my weekly review is until I get back. So we'll have a few weeks to catch up on. Oh gosh darn, I have to drink multiple wines in April and May.

I also have a second excuse. I broke my wrist last week, my drinking hand (and the hand I write with btw) so I've been unable to drink any alcohol because of the painkillers I'm on. So week 12 and 13 will be reviewed in April. That Muscat is just dying to be drank.

We'll have lots to celebrate in May. Not only do I get my cast off May 3, my brother Craig will be healed to drink again as well (he busted his shoulder snowboarding the day before I broke my wrist in dodgeball). And the other siblings, Kris and Jim are both expecting little ones in May (a girl and boy respectively) so there will be lots of wine drinking and smiling and cheers(ing) going around the family.

So, I'm out and see ya in late April!

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