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Thursday, March 18, 2010

#9- Gewurztraminer

I've been drinking Gewurztraminers for years. To say I like this grape is a bit of an understatement. So you can guess that this one is going to be a positive review. I was actually introduced to this grape by a winemaker when I lived in Ottawa. A friend of mine and I decided we were going to make our own wine and one of our very first batches produced was the Gewurztraminer.

I purchased a 2008 Summerhill Pyramid Winery wine (it's Canadian and located in British Columbia) from the local liquor store after purchasing all of my ingredients for the chicken satay dinner I made. I happened to buy a crockpot the day before and was hell bent on trying it. I did some research on which wines go best with asian and spicy food and the Gewurztraminer always came up as a good match, so I was set.

With the wine chilling in the fridge and the satay cooking away in the crock pot, I was ready for some guaranteed good wine. The first thing I noticed about the wine was its colour. It was so clear in its colour it was practically clear. A very nice champagne colour indeed.

The Gewurztraminer is considered a middleweight wine, not too acidic and not too heavy. Many of these wines are very dry. In fact, I didn't find this wine acidic at all. It sat very well on my tongue and very little aftertaste. I could taste a hint of spice in the wine and found it an excellent pairing to the satay. Most beginner wine drinkers will like this wine. This wine also pairs very nicely with seafood, especially salmon.

Craig wasn't over for dinner so I saved a bit of wine for him to try later. It takes a lot to let a really good wine sit in your fridge and not drink it. But we're in this together so I had to hold out for him. I took it over to the house for him to try and as you can see, I catered to him on this evening, allowing him to drink in a casual lying position to drink the wine. Craig enjoyed this wine as well and well, I can't exactly remember what he said. Perhaps I'd had too much other wine at this point (give me a break, I was on to the next week's wine) but I'm sure if I bother to ask him about it, he'll remind me.

I haven't met a Gerwurztraminer I didn't like and this was no exception. Highly recommend it. My next wine is another white and another guaranteed gooder (is that a word?), the Viognier.

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