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Sunday, March 7, 2010

#7- Arinto

I first tasted this wine when I ducked in to pick up a couple of bottles of wine. A little wine tasting was happening in the store- Liquor on McLeod in Spruce Grove. So I tasted. And I loved! I bought the bottle without even realizing that the bottle I purchased was a separate grape. My how things work out sometimes.

The Arinto grape is from Portugal and not much is out there to describe this wine. The wine is from Prova Regia in the Bucelas region. This bottle is a 2007 vintage and cost me a whole $14.43. I chilled the wine before dinner. And this time dinner was bought. As you can see, I tried the wine with a nice assortment of sushi. I knew the Arinto grape would go well with the fish and rice.The bottle chilled, I took it out for dinner and managed to break the cork in half! Ticked I am! So I had to push half the cork into the bottle so now the wine has a huge floater in it. No matter, I was drinking this wine anyway! At first, I found the wine very acidic and decided to let the wine warm up a bit before drinking it. And it certainly changed the taste of it, the acidic bite gone from the wine. This wine was delicious and it took all my might not to drink the whole thing that night. I had to save some for Craig. I found it quite pleasing on the palette and crisp to taste. Refreshing indeed.

Craig immediately noted the citrus taste and reading the back of the bottle, it did have hints of lemon to it. Apparently my palette isn't very good because I didn't notice the lemon taste at all. But no matter, Craig was easy enough to please and had no issues drinking the wine. He did mention he could taste a woodiness to it, but that could be from the cork floating in the bottle overnight.

I would definitely recommend the wine and certainly the grape to others who are looking for a refreshing white. Next up is the red grape- Mourvedre. It should be a good one.

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