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Friday, January 14, 2011

#53- Lambrusco

A funny thing happened on the way to trying this wine- well, you either laugh about it or cry. I choose to laugh.

It was supposed to be a golden evening all around and Craig and I were really looking forward to this new wine in hopes of cheering a Gold medal by our boys in the World Junior Hockey Championships final. It was sweet sweet victory for us for the first 40 minutes- and then it got poured down the drain. Quite literally.

Craig cooked dinner that night- a good old fashioned hamburger and all the fixings. I had picked out a red wine that I thought would compliment the red meat- a Lambrusco. Riunite is the maker of this wine (Italy) and according to the website is America's favourite Italian wine. Well if hamburgers doesn't scream America to you, I don't know what is so I think we got ourselves a good combination here.

So, first impressions? My mom, Craig and I were all on the same page for this one-- ding ding ding! We have ourselves a winner. And not just a "I like this wine"- this wine is in the "I love this wine, I could drink the bottle myself and no you can't have the last of this wine- it's mine." We loved this wine! The wine is a sweeter wine and could be mistaken for a sparkling wine (without the bubbles). It reminded me of the Scarlet O'Bubble wine we had at Christmas. Pure deliciousness is what it was. Mom could have drank the whole bottle herself and she's not a big red wine drinker.

The Lambrusco grape is from Italy and is often used to make sweet, sparkling wines. Traditionally a dry wine, it is often used as a blend to make sweeter wines. This wine itself is quite sweet and is crisp and light on the tongue. It tastes of raspberry and cherries and went very well with the hamburger. We also discovered it went really well with chocolate! And on it's own....

In other words, go out and get some! You won't be disappointed with this wine at all. The only disappointing part about this whole experience was when mom accidentally poured the half bottle down the drain (she mistakenly thought it was a bottle of red we'd tried that night that was awful and decided to ditch it not realizing she grabbed the good bottle of wine). Needless to say, mom feels awful for her alcohol abuse.

But no worries, the bottle was only $12.49 at Aligra Wine and Spirits at West Edmonton Mall and I'll definitely be heading out to get us some more!

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