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Monday, January 31, 2011

#56- Negroamaro

Black and bitter. A direct translation of the name of the Negroamaro grape. And boy does it nail this wine right on the head. And yes, I love love love this wine. As I sit here drinking it (day 2) and into my third glass, I'm almost disappointed I have to keep some for the brother to try. You're lucky I'm a good person Craig!

After a string of white wines, it was time to jump back into the reds. And with temperatures hovering around -35 degrees here in the city, it made sense to warm up with a nice glass of red wine. I first tasted the Negroamaro with my mom at the Rocky Mountain Wine Festival a couple of months ago and it took a while to find a store that carried it. And I am embarrassed to say I can't even remember where I purchased it. So bad of me.

I paired the red (an Italian wine) with a nice plate of bow tie pasta, homemade pasta sauce and some mozzarrella cheese. It was an absolute perfect combination. Luckily so as I had the exact same dinner again tonight! Sometimes it's good being single and leftovers make your life so much easier. Though when you eat the same food for five days in a row, I have an entirely different opinion.

But nonetheless, this wine is fantastic! The wine is called Nero and the winery is Giorgio & Gianni in Italy. Right away you notice the fullness of this wine. A sip turns into a full blown experience in your mouth. I smiled right away and knew that this was a wine to be sipped and enjoyed and that it would not disappoint. It is an oaked wine and while I amnormally not a fan of oaked wines, I'm determining the pattern is oaked whites and that I'm turning into quite the lover of oaked reds.

By the name of the wine, you can determine this wine is very dark, almost black in colour. It is also very aromatic- you can smell the deliciousness of the wine as it approaches your nose and your mouth. Often a Negroamaro is spicy and astringent yet this particular wine isn't. It's just plain fantastic.

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