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Saturday, August 13, 2011

#67- Tocai Fruilano

As soon as I got back from my two and half month journey, I jumped right back into the drinking (the writing part is a different story). I hadn't had much wine at all as wine seems to be very expensive in Asia. When I was in Indonesia (Bali to be specific), we ordered two bottles of Australian wine and the bill came to $80! And this is a country that is not at all far from Australia. So we stuck to beer mostly.

So as you can tell by the next couple of pictures, I got pretty tan! The Same Same shirt is from Thailand and if you've ever been there or Cambodia (which I also visited), you know exactly what that shirt means!

I didn't feel much like cooking so it was some home cooked meals and the parents house. The first meal I paired the white wine- Tocai Fruilano with was salmon cakes with swiss chard as the side. The meal was absolutely delicious. The wine- I'm neutral.

There is nothing about this wine that sticks out in particular except how bright yellow it is (interesting to note that two other whites I tried are very similar in colour to the Tocai and they appear very closely together on the Wine Grape Varietal table...). The wine is very fruity and super easy to drink. It's got a little kick to it- almost spicy. And pressed for it, I could taste the pears.

Tocai Fruilano . And today, you can't actually get a Tocai Fruilano any longer as the name has changed because of recent rulings by the wine police (I'm just kidding) but there have been name changes and an interesting article gives more details on why and when. Today it is now known as Sauvignon Vert (green) and if looked at in proper light, some have a green streak. When the wine is from Italy it's known now as just Fruilano. This wine is from Slovenia so I'm guessing they're still allowed to call it a Tocai Fruilano. Confused yet? I am because reading about Sauvignon Vert, it says that the Hungarian version is the Furmint but to me that's an entirely different grape. Can anyone sort this for me?

 I couldn't find a website for the Movia Winery but did confirm through some other blogs that it is indeed in Slovenia.


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