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Monday, August 15, 2011

#69- Fer

My apologies to my brother first and foremost because my mother and I didn't bother to save him any of this wine. In case you're wondering if we liked this wine or not, the answer is a resounding yes!

I brought three wines with me on a 4 day camping trip with my parents before we parted ways and they left to continue their vacation down into the States and more specifically, Yellowstone National Park. They are on nearly home as I just got the call from mom-  and my poor mother has missed so much of my online life (Facebook updates, all the photos- hundreds of them that I've uploaded from my recent trip) and of course a few wine posts!

The wine was a surprise- I didn't think I'd like it. The wine is similar in acidity and weight to the Concord grape which I hated and very similar to the Cabernet Franc (which I liked but not in its sparkling form). It could have been the great outdoors and the fresh air but all I know is my mother and I didn't leave a drop of this wine for Craig. Good thing he works at a liquor store and can order his own wine now...

In any case, the wine I tried is from Domaine de Brau in France. The grape of course is the Fer grape and hence why the wine is called Fer (Servadou) Pure. They have another wine that is made of a grape I've never heard of- Egiodola that I'd like try and I'll see if I can track down.

The bottle hints the wine tastes to you on its very simple label- floral, smooth and complex. And it was indeed. I could have drank this wine all night. It was a sweet red but not enough to categorize it in the dessert wines but those of you who don't like a dry red and prefer a much more fruitier and lighter taste such as the Cabernet Franc, this wine is for you.

It is crisp and light on the tongue yet has a disctinct earth taste to it (very appropriate for camping). Perhaps a little green pepper as well? But the berry taste was quite strong and I felt it was a great compliment to the open fire steaks we'd made with side salad (the dressing of the salad was homemade and mostly consisted of oil and vinegar) and believe it or not, balanced the wine out quite nicely.

As I said before, I do apologize to Craig we didn't leave him any of it to try but knowing his wine palette, he'd give this one a two thumbs up!

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