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Monday, August 22, 2011

#71- Silvaner

Also known as Sylvaner D'Alsace which is what I picked up for the third and final wine of the camping trip. The winery is Dopff & Irion in France.

I found the Silanver very similar to the Inzolia wine though I found the Inzolia easier to drink. My mom however liked this wine a bit better. It was a great pairing with the barbequed chicken and salad that had been made on the open fire. Mom did a great job with them. The wine was chilled and ready to go and again, a nice way to end our day of hiking. We did a shorter hike but it was much more beautiful and in an area of Jasper that none of us had explored before. It was a great day, the day before I set off and they took off for their camping trip down to Yellowstone.

The silvaner grape is a grape that's often blended to make more "famous" wines- such as the Liebfraumilch. On its own, it's a bit bland and that's how I'd describe this wine. It didn't really stand out to me at all. It had a herbal taste to it and was quite earthy in taste but with  refreshing twist. I know, weird combo huh?

I think this is a wine I'd like to try again and compare it to some of the other whites that I like. Because it's been so similar to many of the wines I've tried in the last while, I'm not sure if I'm actually properly analyzing the wine or simply comparing it to the most recent wine I've just drunk.

This past weekend I gave Craig half a dozen wines that he has to try and give his opinion on. Hopefully he does this sooner than later...

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