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Sunday, August 14, 2011

#68- Cabernet Franc

I hate playing catch up sometimes because things get lost. Somewhere I have pictures of the bottle, me drinking the wine and the food I ate it with but I seemed to have misplaced them. Perhaps my mother took pics? In any case, I'll have them soon and can properly update this post.

I liked this Cabernet Franc and I'm glad I did as our wine club had a Cabernet Franc at the July club meeting (it was supposed to be a substiture for a Brachetto which are apparently not good this year) and it was awful. So awful none of us bothered to really try more than just a sip. It was a tad on the sweet side-- okay it was way too sweet but they were trying to make it a comparable sparkling wine.

Well I recommend you stick with just a good old regular Cabernet Franc. The one I tried is Canadian as is from Tinhorn Creek located in the Okanagan, British Columbia. Their Cabernet Franc is a winner and sure to please! I love when Canadian wines meet and exceed my expectations.

The wine itself is very dark in colour and very aromatic (if you do the chest, chin, nose test) you can smell it from your chest. It's got a wonderul balanced taste of cherries and blackberries to it and to me, capture the feel and senses you want when you're in the beautiful BC interior.

I'm not a fan of oaky white usually but I am of oaky reds and this one has been aged for about a year in oak and adds the perfect balance to the wine. A definite win for this grape.

The Cabernet Franc grape is a popular grape in France but also in Canada and the States, likely due to our climate. It is also a very good wine to be used for ice wine.

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