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Sunday, December 18, 2011

#97- Marsanne

On the 5th day of Wine-mas my true self gave to me- a bottle of Marsanne! (please sing it and it totally know you will).

It's Sunday and I've been chilling and cleaning all weekend. A chill cleaning type of weekend if that's possible. I wasn't really looking to cook much and I've gained too much weight to eat much more than a salad with my wine. I switched my wine last minutes from a red to the Marsanne from Tahblik.

Interesting to note that this white wine is one of the few whites that has really good aging potential- as long as ten years! Might have to grab a bottle just to see.

I got this bottle at Unwined in St. Albert. And what a place! Such amazing people. A wine tasting was going on that evening so I was immediately given some wine to walk around with. And then two lovely people helped me out to find new wines to try- one was the owner Bill who immediately grabbed my grape list and started walking around pulling wines for me (so much so I didn't really know how much I was paying for each wine). He reminds me of Guiseppe from Pinocchio- he's literally the walking talking wine drinking version of him. And so lovely. They all were. I can't say enough about UnWined.

The wine itself is quite crisp with medium acidity. Off the top I get orange and lots of tropical notes to it.

The Marsanne grape is the most widely planted white grape in the Hermitage region in the Rhone region. It's often found in a blend, especially with the rousanne grape. This wine in particular is from Australia and is not blended with other grapes.

Like I mentioned before, I paired the wine with a green salad. Mixed with lots of vegetables and topped with a cava vinegar (made sense to me) and pure virgin olive oil and some Mediterranean spices, I was ready to go and settle down to watch the Survivor finale. I have three minutes until the Dexter finale so must write quickly.

I do like this wine. I like how it paired well with the salad. I like how easy it is to drink. I've had three glasses of the stuff and I'm guessing I will be finishing off the bottle tonight. Five golden rings has a new competitor on the block- and that's a bottle of Marsanne from Tahblik. If you're looking for an easy white wine to drink, I do recommend this one. And feel free to have more than a salad...

Tomorrow's wine has already been drunk (I will admit) and I'm looking forward to sharing the 6th day of Wine-mas with you!

Let's raise a glass and toast!


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