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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#99- Prieto Picudo

On 7th day of Wine-mas my true self gave to me- a bottle of Prieto Picudo.

From Spain.

So naturally when drinking a Spanish wine, the most obvious thing to do would be to pair it with some tapas- n'est pas? Pardonnez mon Francais, I do not speak Spanish. And tapas I do not have.

Being in good Alberta, we do have a lot of one thing-- perogies!! Bring on the Ukrainian version of the tapa. And yes, I've made that up. But it's Christmas time, I'm in the middle of a video shoot and I don't have time to cook let alone come up with a perfect wine pairing.

So yes, I paired a Spanish red wine with a  Ukrainian dish of perogies.

And it worked.

Ha! Yup, cheese and potato perogies went very well with this wine. Maybe it was the synthetic bacon bits, the ooey gooey mess of margarine and light sour cream or maybe it was just me willing this pairing to work, but I feel this did in fact work.

I'll be honest, the wine- Estay and the grape is Prieto Picudo was quite a bit tannic at first and hard to drink. But as the wine had time to breathe in my glass, I found it drinkable and am now working on my third glass of it.

This is indeed a very complex wine.

The wine is produced by Dominos DosTares in Spain and is considered to be one of their premium wines. If you ca speak Spanish, you can ready all about the Estay wine.  The wine is quite dark, a garnet, almost black wine. It's fairly aromatic. It's full of floral and fruity notes and reminds me of a tempranillo. No doubt about it though, this is a very tannic wine but man is it smooth on the tongue once the tannins dissipate. It is rather lovely. Lots of red fruit like cherry on the tongue. Yum.

The Prieto Picudo grape is primarily grown in Spain. There's really not much else to know about this grape other than I would definitely buy this wine again. If you know someone who likes big bold wines but likes to stray from the normal Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz wines, give them this one. It won't surely disappoint.

I can't believe tomorrow I write review #100. Merry Christmas to me. That also means one thing...which I'll share on Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for publishing and congrats on your Blog! I love Prieto Picudo too. I find it has an interesting resininous note which makes it totally distinctive. With great difficulty I see your bottle may have been 14.5% Abv (the producer's tech sheet tells you fertilization was by sheep manure but not the alcohol content!). I have a theory that the character of any grape is better shown at lower levels. I hope a lighter version comes your way one day. I'm sure you will enjoy it even more.