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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#42- Prosecco

I'd be talking about it since my gondola ride in Italy. I'd known I'd pick a bottle up and have it ready to go for Kristin's birthday. It is the Italian's answer to France's Champagne- Prosecco! Oh how I have had such an amazing relationship with thee.

For me, Champagne is hit and miss. I did learn on one of my wine tours to the Napa Valley (and specifically the Domaine Chandon Winery), all sparkling wine is not created equal. We've all had very cheap Champagne at New Year's and it really did turn me off to the bubbly. But once you've had really good sparking wine, Champagne, whatever, then you understand what all the fuss is about.

Bubbles people. It's all about the bubbles. The smaller the better. If anything, size matters and do yourself a favour before you gulp- check out the bubbles. "Tiny Bubbles..."- sing it with me!

So, I've had Prosecco a few times now and I have LOVED every single one. I'm starting to think you can't make a bad Prosecco. I did have Prosecco on the gondola ride and mentioned it in my Italy post last month. A Prosecco is also different from other sparkling wines in that it is a dry wine, and not very sweet. It's sometimes easy to confuse a fruity taste with sweet and in this instance, you definitely could think it's sweet. But it is in fact a dry white. For Kristin's birthday, I brought out the good stuff. Martini Prosecco to be exact. It was also one of the bottles I found where the Prosecco was strictly just the grape and not a blend.

The Prosecco grape is grown exclusively in the Veneto region of Italy. So it's kind of like Champagne (it's very region specific and like Champagne has a protected designation of origin- in other words, if the bottle says Prosecco, you are guaranteed it's from the Veneto region of Italy and not some knock off wine from elsewhere).

This particular wine has hints of vanilla, peaches and apples. The vineyards around this region are surrounded by fresh fruit and it appears in the wine. It is so delicious it's one of those wines you could drink on its own or with any type of food really. The night was a celebration for Kristin so we paired up the Prosecco with her birthday cake- homemade black forest cake! Home made also means "bought at Safeway" around these parts...

The bottle of wine was picked up at the Real Canadian Superstore's west end location and was a reasonable price (I'm guessing it was around $25.00). Their selection isn't the greatest there but you get fabulous deals if you're willing to buy in multiples...sometimes I'm known to do this. I suggest you check it out especially for a party, it's a great way to save money on wine!

A quick little fact for you- processo is the main ingredient in a Bellini cocktrail. True story.

Still no idea what Craig thinks of the wine as he's yet to tell me. That boy is falling behind but I'm pretty sure he'll give this wine a thumbs up!

If any of you are looking for a Christmas wine or even more likely a great New Year's bubbly- go and get yourself a Prosecco. You won't be disappointed.

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