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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#48- Tannat

Uruguay- you have pleasantly surprised me! My first wine from the country and I have to say- it's a winner!! Oh yes, everyone who tried out this wine love love loved it!

The grape is the Tannat grape and creates a beautiful dark red wine. It is now considered the "national grape" of Uruguay and it definitely does them justice! The wine is a 2005 Tannat from the Pisano Winery. The first thing that hits you about this wine is the earthiness of it as well as the spicy kick this wine has. I definitely felt it on my lips (at first it almost left a burning feeling on my lips but as the wine breathed and as I drank more, that feeling lessened). But the spice added a really nice kick and aroma to the wine. Paired with a nice beef stew that Kristin made from scratch, this wine really brought out the flavours of the beef in a stew.

Similar to the Grand Reserva (Xinomavro), this wine has figured out how to do an oak flavour just right. I'm not usually a fan of oak but this one is done just beautifully and not overwhelming to the senses.

The Tannat grape is originally from France but was brought to Uruguay in the 1800's. The grape from Uruguay is quite different from the French one so if you're going to try the Tannat, definitely make sure it's from Uruguay.

Mom and Craig got to finish the bottle and they both liked it as well.

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