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Sunday, December 12, 2010

#45- Nero D'Avola

I tried this wine at the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. When Kristin invited me out to her place on Friday (okay so it started as a babysitting job for her but what are sisters for?), I dutifully brought out a bottle of wine and headed out to her place. The roads were absolutely terrible so I needed a glass or two by the time I got to her house!

The Nero D'Avola grape is from Italy and is known as the most important red grape in Sicily! Overall I enjoyed the wine so I guess I'll have to agree with those Sicilians! The wine is very dark, almost black in colour and right away you notice how tannic the wine is. As the wine breathed more, the better it became and less tannic on the tongue. Kristin and I were also drinking a primitivo wine as well which was a lot less powerful in taste and it really made us notice just how strong this particular wine was.

Paired with some tortellini and some homemade pasta sauce, we dived in to a Spadina Una Rosa (Signature) Nero D'Avola from 2004 (apparently 2004 has been a good year for me this year). The berry flavour in this wine is very strong but just so delicious. At one point Kris turned to me and asked just how much we had to save for Craig to try this wine. Big thumbs up from us!

The wine is very acidic- almost balsamic like. Luckily I'm a fan of balsamic vinegar so it's tanginess was a delight to my senses, not a hindrance. It's very earthy and sits so very nicely in the mouth. If you are a fan of red wines, you will like this. If you don't often drink red wines, make sure you eat something while you're drinking as it is a very powerful wine on its own. 
Overall, this was a great wine and very affordable (less than $20 at Sherbrooke Liquor Mart). Craig is playing catch up with the wine soon (he'll have about 6 to try soon so it could be a good night for him!). We're also going to do the 12 wines of Christmas (why not?) and I have found- get this- 60 more wines for us to try over the next year! I can't wait to go shopping. I'm hoping I get a good discount.

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